IP & PSTN Converged Communication

The best-of-both-worlds telephony

VIVO.OOO converged communication blends the otherwise discrete PSTN and IP telephony components into one seamless solution that is not just more robust and resilient but also cost-effective and user-friendly. It allows customers to manage their voice channels easily through effective call control capabilities and call-routing functions on PSTN or IP interfaces. The interoperability offered by the solution also gives enterprises an edge to stay truly mobile as calls can be diverted to any mobile, landline or answering device. Backed by a global Cloud Telephony coverage, we bring to the customer the differentiated advantage of scaling up or down.


Leverages Both Legacy and IP Gears

  • Widest array of telephony applications to choose from

  • Device and network agnostic; ensures interoperability

  • Enhances control while also adding to the flexibility

  • Integration, activation of any new feature is seamless

  • Analytics helps anticipate and eliminate issues beforehand

Business Benefits

Robust, Resilient and Cost-effective

  • Protects investments in legacy voice equipment

  • Ensures a smooth migration path to next-gen telephony

  • Slashed telephony bills lead to immediate savings

  • Greenfield businesses can leapfrog without CAPEX

  • Global coverage comes at no additional cost

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