audio conferencing

VIVO.OOO Audio Conferencing is a highly scalable carrier-grade solution with global coverage spanning more than 135 countries - designed to meet even the most demanding large-party needs such as investor calls, partner briefings and employee town halls in a toll-quality manner. Customized features such as roll-call, dial-outs, lecture mode, mute/unmute and many others could be seamlessly added to make the overall conferencing experience highly professional and engaging for participants.

business benefits

Our solution enables businesses to conduct on-demand conference calls anytime, anywhere. Be it meetings, trainings, brainstorming sessions, team calls; VIVO.OOO Audio Conferencing service is designed to scale and support all kinds of needs.


VIVO.OOO Audio Conferencing services are available in standard and managed-service options. While the standard offering suffices for most of the conferencing needs, our operator-assisted managed audio services are crafted for structured events like Investor Relations calls media briefings and more.

  • Unmatched global coverage

    • More than 135 countries coverage
    • Toll-free and DIDs access numbers
    • Dial-out availability
  • Highly customised features

    • 24X7 operator assistance
    • Roll-calls for structured conferencing needs
    • Mute/unmute the attendees during a call cast
  • Superior managed services

    • Participants can invoke operator assistance anytime during the call
    • Controlled Q&A sessions so that one attendee speaks at a time
    • Calls can be extended seamlessly, without any interruption
  • User-driven OPEX management

    • Automated spend details at the end of each conference
    • Host has the option to limit the number of participants
    • Dial-outs could be disabled to avoid calling to high-cost routes

Conduct on-demand conference calls

Conduct instant conference calls with VIVO.OOO high quality and professional audio conference service - anywhere, anytime with 24x7 operator assistance.

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