Cloud SIP Trunk

VIVO.OOO Cloud SIP Trunks are extremely agile and network agnostic. The platform’s cloud intelligence ensures that calls take the shortest available route and any redundancy can be provisioned in near real time. The Cloud SIP Trunks are designed to carry several concurrent calls without compressing, so no distortion of quality ever happens.

business benefits

Gateways in our global infrastructure takes the VoIP calls and put those on high-availability SIP Trunks for instantaneous delivery to offer global DID and toll-free services at previously unthinkable costs.


Unlike most of the VoIP providers who see SIP Trunks only as dumb pipes fit for routing calls around, we pack-in additional logics into our SIP Trunks like Direct inward dial (DID) and global toll-free calling.

  • Intelligent routing

    • Dynamically identifies shortest, least congested routes
    • Real-time redundancy check for superior provisioning
    • Enable businesses to set call routing rules
  • Future-proof investment

    • No costly infrastructure to build future capabilities
    • Built to support future growth and expansion
    • Global POPs to manage any voice load, destination
  • Exceptional user experience

    • Extra capacity to carry multiple concurrent calls
    • High call fidelity significantly enhances user experience
    • High-availability trunks ensure connections in real time
  • Unmatched cost savings

    • Elimination of local IP-PSTN gateways
    • International calling at a fraction of PSTN calls
    • In-built features such as global toll-free calling

A fully integrated voice communications solution

VIVO.OOO delivers the converged voice and data while enabling businesses to use Intelligent SIP Trunking by breaking the fixed-line model

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