Hosted PBX & CUG Cloud Solutions

Enterprise-grade Cloud Telephony

VIVO.OOO Cloud PBX is the ultimate service an enterprise could get in terms of functionality and ease-of-use for all of its globally distributed offices. As everything is hosted in the cloud, one doesn’t bother to install or maintain any PBXs in the office premise - this amounts to a huge upfront savings since there is no capital expenditure on equipment. The provisioning is almost instantaneous and any new office set-up becomes immediately connected and functional. Our solution also comes with an enhanced Closed User Group (CUG) capability, and offers functionality to link any toll-free number or a local (DID) number to the PBX.


Seamless, Reliable and cost-effective

  • All conventional PBX features are supported

  • CUGs can be set up, modified or deleted seamlessly

  • Users can integrate phone numbers with any area code

  • Customized calling features — alternate numbers, and more

  • Access to Administrator portal to add or update features

Business Benefits

A Fully-featured PBX at Zero CAPEX

  • Calls can originate or terminate on any end-user device

  • Users no longer need to be desk bound

  • Truly plug-and-play in case offices are relocated

  • No additional hardware, set-up or maintenance required

  • Analytics to help anticipate and eliminate issues beforehand productivity

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