Cloud Telephony

VIVO.OOO offers an end-to-end enterprise cloud-based voice suite - one window to every voice-based application that today’s enterprises need

service portfolio

As an end-to-end voice solution service provider, VIVO.OOO’s globally available cloud platform hosts every conceivable enterprise voice service that today’s businesses need.

audio conferencing

VIVO.OOO Audio Conferencing solution is designed to enable businesses to conduct on-demand conference calls anytime, anywhere across the globe. The solution makes conferencing a pleasurable experience for the attendees. Designed to meet the most demanding large-party needs such as Investor Relations calls, partner briefings, town-halls and more in a professional and engaging manner.

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Cloud PBX

VIVO.OOO Cloud PBX is a truly device-agnostic solution that allows enterprise users to make or receive calls from any device. No matter what the source is - phone, web, email, text message or social media. The solution encompasses all the benefits of a conventional phone system, without any additional set-up costs.

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Cloud Call Centre

VIVO.OOO Cloud Call Center is a feature rich solution that makes setting up of your captive or third-party capacities a cakewalk. It is comprehensive enough to meet the most demanding needs of customers across all sectors — Banking, Telecom, Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality and many more.

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Cloud SIP Trunk

VIVO.OOO SIP Trunking is designed to carry several concurrent calls at a time without compressing them, so one doesn’t have to worry about overshooting trunk capacities anymore. Also packed in a granular switching and routing intelligence, to enable native support for services such as direct inward dialing and global toll-free calling.

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Cloud Toll Free & DID

With VIVO.OOO enterprise-grade toll-free services, organizations do not need to retain multiple local numbers or invest heavily in building local telecom infrastructure. A fully secure and fully featured cloud toll-free and DID platform enables enterprises to connect with clients, partners or customers, for improved productivity, better control and unparalleled experience.

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Cloud Dialer

VIVO.OOO Cloud Dialer is designed to take the productivity of call centers as well as customer service operations to a next level. By virtue of being cloud-based, it is cost-effective for a predictive or power dialing to agents across global locations, when a customer responds to an outbound dial.

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Cloud IVR

VIVO.OOO Cloud IVR makes it possible for global enterprises to combine the benefits of both hosted and on-premise solutions, and to create superior user engagement. Users get a central monitoring and management capability that enables them to program response messages in different languages for their respective geographic locations.

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With VIVO.OOO, enterprise communication gets truly mobile! We break the barriers of device, network and geographies while transforming all voice applications from legacy to next-generation, at no extra cost.

  • End-to-end cloud voice

    As an end-to-end Cloud Telephony service provider, VIVO.OOO gives enterprises instant and seamless connectivity to all voice applications and networks, local or global.

  • Ubiquitous global coverage

    Coverage across more than 135 countries ensures no matter where our customers’ offices, remote workers, end-users or partners are located, we keep them connected always.

  • Seamless scaling—up or down

    Customers get total control and flexibility when it comes to adding, moving or deleting users—and hence adjusting monthly expenses—to suit the changing business needs.

  • One-window cloud access

    VIVO.OOO is truly a simplified suite of voice services, with just one easy interface to everything—PBXs, Bulk Dialers, Conferencing, Global CUG, DID or Call Centers—in the cloud

  • Zero capex, low opex

    VIVO.OOO requires absolutely no spend on the infrastructure to be up and running, while the OPEX saving easily ranges from 30 percent to 40 percent or even more.

  • Premium quality always

    Our commitment to quality ensures that all voice traffic is always routed uncompressed, even though it’s fully encrypted, in an end-to-end manner.

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