CLOUD SIP Trunking; Toll-free & DID

Call Fidelity First — and Always

VIVO.OOO recognizes and harnesses the immense potential of SIP for moving around VoIP calls across global destinations in a highly cost-effective yet reliable way. Our global infrastructure is equipped with gateways that take in the VoIP calls and put those on high-availability SIP Trunks for instantaneous delivery. As an integral part of our Cloud Telephony portfolio, these SIP Trunks are extremely agile and network agnostic. VIVO.OOO cloud intelligence also ensures that the calls take the shortest available routes and that any redundancy can be provisioned in near real time. To top it all, one doesn’t have to worry about overshooting trunk capacities anymore. Our offering is designed to trunk several concurrent calls at a time without compressing them and without any quality distortion.


In-built Logics create differentiated Intelligence

  • Dynamically identifies shortest least-congested routes

  • Real-time redundancy check for superior provisioning

  • Global POPs help manage any voice load, destination

  • Suited for call-cast to a globally dispersed audience

  • Eliminates the need for local IP-PSTN gateways

Business Benefits

Scores Over PSTN Trunks Hands-down

  • Huge upfront savings in case of concurrent calls

  • International destinations are only calling at a fraction of PSTN calls

  • High call fidelity significantly enhances user experience

  • High-availability trunks ensure connections in real time

  • Empowers businesses to set up call routing rules beforehand productivity

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