Cloud Call Centre

This solution from VIVO.OOO not only allow users to operate and manage the call center globally from anywhere, but can also be integrated with any PBX on IP/SIP extensions. It is comprehensive enough to meet the most demanding needs of our customers across all sectors — banking, insurance, telecom, hospitality, manufacturing or education.

business benefits

The solution offers seamless access to all call center functions for both inbound and outbound processes for a price that is much lower than conventional call centers. Reporting & customized alerts at no additional costs.


The features includes automated call distribution for skills and time-based routing as well as priority routing for the premium customers. All other features such as call and queue monitoring, call recording, IVR are easily accessible.

  • Improved productivity

    • Intelligent workflows maximize the agent productivity
    • Flexibility of landline or VoIP use as per the need
    • Makes easier for trained agents to serve premium customers
  • Fully-featured services

    • Easy and quick configuration changes
    • Automated call distribution based on skills and priority
    • IVR, call and queue monitoring and call recording for better support
  • Powerful analytics

    • Call pattern and agent-response monitoring
    • Track ticketing, call routing history and customer feedback
    • Change call distribution on the fly to improve customer experience
  • seamless integration

    • Robust dialing system handles all calling patterns in real time
    • Integration with all major CRM suites
    • Differentiated integration with key social media platforms

A feature packed Cloud-Based Call Centre

VIVO.OOO is here with comprehensive call center functions for both inbound and outbound processes with advanced functionality – which has never been easier.

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