Cloud Dialer

VIVO.OOO Cloud Dialer is designed to take productivity of today’s call centers as well as those of customer service and support operations to a next level. It makes intelligent use of predictive dialing processes to better address unattended-dialer issues in the events of customers having picked up the calls.

business benefits

By leveraging global VIVO.OOO platform, our Cloud Dialers are able to offer a differentiated predictive dialing so as to significantly increase agent response rates when a customer picks up the call.


VIVO.OOO Cloud Dialer makes it cost-effective to ring agents across global locations when a customer responds to an outbound dial. This significantly increases the probability of an agent being available to respond.

  • Highly

    • Ensures uninterrupted dialing irrespective of the call center size
    • Enhances control and flexibility even when business is growing
    • No PBX required; a truly pay-what-you-need model
  • Proactive and outcome based

    • Only wanted customer calls get to the agents
    • Features such as ACD, IVR, skills-based routing to drive efficiency
    • Reduces hang by ringing multiple agents across global locations
  • real time monitoring

    • Real-time dashboard gives quick history and trend analysis
    • Seamless compliance with local government regulations
    • Customized reports and data to further improve productivity
  • Unparalleled prowess

    • Personalizes experience through voice, email and SMS
    • Supports DND lists,time zones and state law compliance
    • Session recording, custom agent scripting and more

Viable solution for all your business needs

VIVO.OOO offers convenient and cost-effective solution - highly scalable and reliable for large scale message broadcasting.

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