Cloud IVR

VIVO.OOO Cloud IVR makes it possible for global enterprises to combine the benefits of both hosted and on-premise solutions and to create superior user engagement. Users get a central monitoring and management capability to program response messages in different languages for different geographic locations.

business benefits

The VIVO.OOO Cloud IVR is seamless to set up and does away with the complexities of deployment and management of geographically dispersed systems, while ensuring a cost-effective solution.


The cloud model ensures that any IVR programing could be activated across all locations, without lags. Enables integrity of messaging, while facilitating preparedness of agents in responding to IVR triggers.

  • Seamless set-up and management

    • No hosted equipment or software
    • Once programmed, IVR can be activated instantaneously
    • Adding or removing any new location/message is seamless
  • Highly localized messages

    • Language options as per geographic locations
    • Music-on-hold and greetings could be localized
    • Messaging as per any local regulatory, compliance requirements
  • CENTRAL monitoring

    • Any changes could be handled
    • Updates are carried out in one go across geographies
    • Administrator access may be given to specified
  • Integration with voice apps

    • IVR triggers could be integrated call center
    • IVR triggers go to active agents only
    • Callers could leave recorded messages or SMS

high quality and Secure Hosted IVR services

VIVO.OOO enables integrity of messaging across all locations and allows an enterprise to automate a wider variety of inbound and outbound call types.

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