Cloud Toll-Free & DID

VIVO.OOO offers a secure and fully featured cloud toll-free and DID platform that enables enterprises to connect with their clients without any restriction, resulting in improved productivity, better control and unparalleled experience. The service enables them to retain single global and domestic numbers accessible from all phones, fixed or mobile.

business benefits

With VIVO.OOO’s enterprise-grade toll-free services and DID number solutions, organizations do not need to retain multiple local numbers or invest heavily in building local telecom infrastructure across multiple geographies.


The interactive solution allows consumers to set different local languages for welcome greetings, provide them with insights-driven analytics capabilities as well as the flexibility to do black, white or grey listings.

  • global

    • Global toll-free number enables global reach
    • Gives customers get the feel of global business
    • Call-center integration offers 24x7 availability

    • Location and time based routing is seamless
    • Calls may be routed as per call handling capacity
    • Redirects to the next preferred number if busy
  • Regionalize experience

    • Multiple language options for different callers
    • Extensive coverage to all global destinations
    • Auto attendant and voice mail features may be defined
  • CUSTOMIZED reporting

    • Toll Free call volumes, may be monitored and managed
    • Downtimes, could be configured to raise triggers for action
    • Provision additional resources, based on specific events

Connect with your potential clients freely

With VIVO.OOO, build business anywhere in the world and retain single global and domestic number.

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